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A 2008 case study shows that content marketing can help small and midsize enterprises: decrease marketing spend by 25%, increase leads by 200%, achieve fast ROI, and boost revenues by 38%.

Company Services
Global Carolina Communications (GCC) is a leading provider of content marketing for global enterprises and their affiliates in the Carolinas. Our services match your company’s marketing ambitions with the information needs of your target audience. GCC’s team of experienced writers and editors delivers value collateral in the form of customized success profiles, success stories, and white papers via Internet, print, and other media. These relatively brief, easy-to-read documents
leverage in-depth interviews with your customers to deliver persuasive third-party endorsement of your products and services. As such, they function as highly effective door-openers, giving customers and prospects rapid, persuasive insight into how your company’s products, strategies, or services address or solve a particular industry issue or business challenge. Our tailor-made content is published immediately on GCC’s Web site, the Global Carolina Business Journal (GCBJ) – the sole media outlet in the Carolinas focusing exclusively on global business. GCBJ provides a high-profile platform for our collateral, helping position your company as a thought leader.

Success Profiles
Success profiles (SPs) are designed for deployment in the early phases of the sales cycle. These one-page summaries, present your company and the specific strategy behind a successful business project. They include key challenges, project highlights, business benefits, and other significant facts.

Success Stories
Success stories (SSs) deliver particular value in the latter stages of the sales cycle. These two- to four-page journalistic reports focus on a specific industry issue or business challenge addressed by your company and on the associated benefits for customers and prospects. SSs underscore your company’s market position, describe your business environment, and outline the qualitative and quantitative results of the successful project. SSs are generally produced in combination with reference slides (RSs). These high-level snapshots of success stories provide convenient overviews that your field staff can quickly and easily integrate into their customer presentations. RSs give readers insight into the key challenges, implementation highlights, and benefits of a successful business activity. While usually created in conjunction with a success story, RSs can also be produced separately, if required.

White Papers
White papers (WPs) provide an informed discussion of a topic of interest to a particular industry or readership. Focusing on a specific business process or scenario, WPs target a mid-level audience. They describe customer challenges and explain how your company helps master these. The aim of WPs is to shed light on an industry or business issue and to show how your products, strategy, or services address or solve it.

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