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Hoerbiger Commits 10 Million EUR for Growth In Changzhou

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CHANGZHOU – Recently, Hoerbiger International Group (Hoerbiger) formally funded and established its second enterprise in the Changzhou High-tech Zone – Hoerbiger Transmission Technology (Changzhou) Ltd.

The new company has a total investment of 10 million EUR, and is focused on the manufacture of automobile automatic gear-boxes and parts. Projected annual output is up to 40,000 units.

Hoerbiger Group was established in 1895 and has more than a century of history. It is the world's largest independent compressor parts manufacturer. It is an MNC with globally cutting-edge technology in compressors, automation, and transmissions. The Group funded and established Hoerbiger Valve (Changzhou) Ltd in April 2008 in the Changzhou High-Tech Zone Yuehai Industrial Park. It specialized in the production of Hoerbiger products including various pollution prevention and control equipment, new equipment for production safety, various compressor valves, air flow control valves, and seals.

Hoerbiger Transmission Technology products are widely used not only in Germany, but also around the world by automobile and gear-box manufacturers. Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese auto market, Hoerbiger Group has decided to further expand its business in China. Given the good investment environment, relatively complete auto industry chain, and industrial infrastructure offered by Changzhou High-tech Zone, it was chosen as the site of this project.

As of now, German companies that have invested in the Changzhou High-Tech Zone include Linde Group, Leoni, Bearlocher GmbH, Otto Bock, and Wemhoner, among others.

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