Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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New “All-Water Route” Connects NC Companies Directly to Asia

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RALEIGH, NC – International companies located in North Carolina have another overseas distribution advantage thanks to a new accord between the North Carolina State Ports Authority and the Panama Canal Authority. The Panama Canal is currently undergoing a massive expansion that will double its capacity and enable passage for much larger ships. North Carolina State Ports Authority CEO Thomas J. Eagar recently signed an agreement to create the “All-Water Route” that will allow ships from North Carolina faster and easier access to Asian destinations.

“The expansion of the Panama Canal will dramatically alter the maritime transportation system as we know it today by providing liner shipping companies and cargo interests unrestricted access to the U.S. East Coast,” Eagar stated in a press release. “This expansion is a game-changer."

North Carolina’s two deep-water international ports, the Port of Wilmington and the Port of Morehead City, handle containerized bulk and breakbulk cargoes. Approximately 65% of container volume at the Port of Wilmington passes through the Panama Canal.

In addition to shipping, North Carolina is home to the sixth-largest major airline hub in the nation that includes four major airports with more than 1,000 daily departures and non-stop service to more than 100 domestic and international destinations. The North Carolina Global TransPark, located a short distance from both North Carolina ports, features the longest commercial runway in the state to accommodate the world’s largest cargo jets.

North Carolina also has the second-largest highway system in the nation, spanning more than 98,000 miles. The intersection of major north-south and east-west interstates make North Carolina a natural hub for trucking access to points nationwide.

By land, sea or air, this extensive transportation network combined with a central East Coast location provides North Carolina-based companies low-cost, easy access to international markets.

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